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Am I Dreaming? (Part 3)

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Here's part 3 for my anon reader
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Khalid o 7amad 6la3aw bara...

7amad: Khalood shfee wayhik e3tifas shfeek?

Khalid*heavy exhale*: Madri shagoulik 7maid

7amad: Goul ta7acha khali9ny

Khalid: Mako shay yideed.. nafs ilqe9a..

Khalid: Omy tawha daga 3alai o ma shelta, adri shbitgoul o 9ara7a ta3abt.. khali9aw a3thary shasawy!

7amad: Khaloud tara omik ma tabee ila ikhair lik, shkhasran etha 6e3t’ha.. inta 3al aqal shouf ilbnaya o etha ma 3jebtik khala9 goulaha maku ni9eeb..

Khalid: Inta t3arif 7alty 7amoud! Magdar afaker eb shay isma zawaj aw khe6ba wana eb hal 7ala, la galbi wala 3agly mitqableen hal fikra ashouf sawad!

Khalid was in love for 3 years with a girl, Dalal, o lama kan yabi yetqadam laha ahalha rfethaw la2ana mu min muwakheeth’hum, the most selfish rule made by society..


Khalid (on the phone): Ha dalool bashray goulay shsar..

Dalal: Inta t3arif ina omy rathya, bs oboy… (trying so hard to hold back her tears)

Khalid: Shgal obouch? (3ala a3saba)

Dalal: Oboy.. mu.. 3ajba.. (Barely letting the words out)

Khalid: Shloun ya3ni mu 3ajba? Gouleely bil thab6 shgal?!

Dalal (couldn’t hold back and started crying): Khalid tekfa la tsarikh walla ma at7amal kafy srakh oboy!

Khalid (m3asib o mitnarfiz o mixed emotions): Dalal ta7achay please tara a3saby tega6e3at

Dalal (her voice mitqa6i3 min ilbachy): Kent ga3da ma3ahum oo omy galatla ina weld ya3qoub AlFlani yabi yetqadamly chan faj2a oo eb kil quwa gal La2 6ab3an! ma ta7amalt fa sa2alta laish la! Ilwalad mafi shay!

Khalid *on his nerves*: inzain..

Dalal: 3asab chan egouly sta7ay 3ala wayhich trideen 3ala obouch chithy! o sh7aga ga3da etdaf3een 3anna?! sh3arifach feeh?! Geltla ma3ay bil jam3aa chan ega6i3ny wigoul 7ag ommy shofay bintich shga3da tkharbi6!

Khalid: o shradat 3alaih?

Dalal: ma galat shay bs kanat t7awil et’hadee bs tinarfaz o galaha miskay bintich o mabeekum tefti7oun hal mawthou3 ma3ay marra thanya, la intay wala bintich!

Khalid felt like he was drowning, listening to Dalal’s words was breaking his heart into pieces, was this really happening? He finally met the love of his life, and this is how it will end? Her father was to blame, he stood in the way of a perfect relationship, im sorry, he ended it!

Khalid: Khalas dalal please la tabcheen, gomay ghaslay wayhich o entekallam 3an ilmawthou3 ba3dain

Dalal: ok…  (She managed to say)

Khalid thought about talking to her father but he threatened dalal about giving him his details, he just didn’t stand a chance with her father, he was stubborn and very firm about his decision, he hated Khalid by judging him based on illogical beliefs, Khalid had to end his relationship with Dalal since there was no hope left for them. Ending their relationship took all the strength he had to make it happen even though neither of them wanted to, but they both knew it was for the best. They struggled miserably, and Khalid decided to stay away from hal suwalif, he started hating the idea of a relationship, khe6ba, zawaj etc. He was convinced that he wouldn’t find a girl like Dalal again, and his heart simply wont let him forget her even though they were not together anymore.

End of flashback


Khalid (okho shoug) thought : Time is up! Barja3 shalaihna, let me call shoug.. ops low battery! kila min ilgames ily la3abt’hum.. akeed bitmil o terja3 brou7ha..

By the time Shoug was walking towards where her brother was hiding he was gone already!
She was walking 3al ra9eef, shafat the activities facility o galat trou7 etdawer there fa when she was about to cross to the other side ma intabhat 3al shari3 wila a group of kids riding the buggies passed by her the same time she took a couple of steps forward bil shari3 and they were soo close oo mashallah swagat the kids kilish not safe fa khtar3at and she tripped falling over one of these metal balou3a!! 

wilyahal kamilaw wala ka2anna sar shay! Ilbalou3a kan feeha sharp metals (madri etha 3eraftouhum ;p) o 6ai7at’ha kanat chaida wayed..

Shoug: aaaaiiiiii (started crying from pain)

Her things 6araw min ilkhar3a.. She sat there unable to move a muscle, both her feet were killing her! 

Her tight got ripped and her right leg was bleeding and scratches on her arms min ilgar.. awal ma shafat blood she started crying and she looked around but nobody was there to help her..

Shoug: KHAAALIIIIIDDD!!! (She screamed out to her brother hoping he was hiding somewhere close!) Wain mobiley!

She kept on calling out Khalid’s name up until…

Meanwhile on the other side of the area, where 7amad and Khalid were talking..

7amad: Khalid ga3d tesma3 a7ad enadeek?!
Khalid: Ha? Wain? La..
7amad: Embala esma3 3adil..
Shoug: Khaaaaaaliidddd!!!
Khalid: off ee wallah! imsh inrou7 inshouf minu..

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Am I Dreaming? (Part 2)

Shouga was done counting..

Shoug: (Akheeran khala9t the 100! Hehe I hope ma echik ina I skipped a few count… let the games begin!)

She was wearing cute brown babydoll long sleeved dress, and black tights..
The weather was pretty cold outside..
On her way out of the shalaih she grabbed a bottle of water and left..

Shoug: (Hmm ashkara mu bil ba7ar, akeed he knew id go there.. lets try the other side first..)

And she began her journey looking for her brother Khalid..

10 minutes later..

Khalid saw a random bench and decided to sit and play with his phone 3ala ma Shouga finds him…

Khalid: (Ufff shouga namaat?? Maa 9arat hide and seek! More like hide and sleep! Mallait, ba36eeha 15 minutes o bamshi…)

The montazah is really big and has many facilities, so akeed yabeelha wagt 3ala ma telga Khalid…


Inside the Activities facility, where the billiard room is, kan fe group of friends ga3deen yil3iboun..
Among those groups was a group of 3 guys..

7amad, 23 yrs old, Tall, very VERY masculine, fair skin, has the most gorgeous hazel eyes ever..
6alal, 24 yrs old, average height, naturally tanned skin, has a breathtaking, captivating smile…
And Khalid (mu okhouha), 3omra 24, shway 6weel, well-built body, sha3ra shway 6weel bs 6oul il7ilu ily some people might not consider it long, and has a very innocent-looking face..

Not only were they cuzins, they were best friends,, they’ve been together since forever.. and no matter what happened or how much they fought they’d always find a way to reconnect…

Around the pool table..

6alal: hahaaa ma9khartikk khaloood!

Khalid: rou7 zaain! Sh7aga mista3yel 3al fouz tawna hathy jawla oula..

**His phone vibrates**

ilghalya Calling…

7as eb qamtaa ma yadri laish.. He didn’t pick up..

Khalid: tadri shloun, inta jahhiz 7ag round 2 3ala ma arou7 shway o arja3.. 7amood imsh weyay...

7amad la7ath wayh Khalid e3tefas o 7as iny fee shay ghareeb…

6alal: Ya salam, amaskhera wigouly ana ily ajahiz

Khalid: Ush yalla, shway o raje3 o inshouf minu bemaskher ilthany

7amad: hahahah bas 3ad ma9akhtouha thnainkum…

7amad was the nice guy bil group o kil ma tahawishaw 6alool o khalood ohwa illy efachich’hum 3an ba3ath…

6alal: Zain mu t6awloun!

Khalid o 7amad 6la3aw bara...

7amad: Khalood shfee wayhik e3tifas shfeek?

Khalid*heavy exhale*: Madri shagoulik 7maid

7amad: Goul ta7acha khali9ny

Khalid: Mako shay yideed.. nafs ilqe9a..

Friday, September 21, 2012

Am I Dreaming? (part 1)

Hello there! Ok so inshallah ill be sarting my new story and if I get a comment I’ll continue writing.. Its going to be written in a very different style, bs inshala u’ll like it..



Kan fee bnaya isemha shoug..
Petite, tanned, long soft brown hair, cute dimples..
20 years old, people would always assume she’s 15 and she doesnt correct them etkhaf ya7sidounha..
oh and she’s currently studying Finance as a major in uni.

She’s very close ma3a okhouha khalid, who is 24 years old, currently in his last semester in the same uni studying Accounting (I know ilmafrouth mitkharej min zeman but details later)
They only had each other,, no brothers or sisters,, just them two..
But they’ve always saw that as good thing cuz it only made the bond between them more stronger.. in other words.. they were best friends..

Every weekend, her family would go to the shailah to take their minds of the pressure they faced during the week from work and stuff..
Although shoug didn’t face that amount of pressure from uni she wouldnt let a weekend pass without going to the shalaih, it was her second home, her haven, her other half.. as you can see,, she loves the sea so much that she wouldn’t mind living on a stranded island by herself ! hahah not literally but you got the picture..

And so one of those weekends khalid and shoug went to sit in the living room after having their lunch while their parents went to go hangout with their neighbors in their shalaih..

While roaming through random channels for about 5 minutes..

Khalid: Shouga shrayech insawy shay ewanis?

Shoug: like what?

Khalid: kaifech.. anything.. bs malait..

Shoug *jumped enthusiastically*: I know!!

Khalid *startled*: yama shway shway khara3teena!

Shoug *giggled*: heheh sorry bs shta6ait!

Khalid: I can see that! Yalla what u have in mind?

Shoug *clapping her hands like a kid*: let’s play hide and seek!!

Khalid: haha inzain yalla!!

Shoug: waait waait ma geltlik ilruulees!

Khalid *laughing*: 7atan 7ag ilgames it7i6een rules??

Shoug: ee ee please wallah awnas!!

Khalid *giving up*: shino ilrules inshallah?

Shoug *wide smile*: just one! And that is u can hide anywhere u want bs shar6 ina ma te6la3 min 7doud il shalaihat (sour ilmontazah)

Khalid: Deal!

Shoug: yalla ill count to 10 o ayi.

Khalid *laughing*: shinooo 10?? Tabeeni ankhash bil ma6baakh?

Shoug *giggles*: 3ayal 20?

Khalid: maynouna? La yuba 3eday lai il 100 3al aqal!

Shoug: ollaaa!!

Khalid: shino “ollaaa” *mimicking her dalou3a voice*
yalla qamthay 3younich o 3edday bala dala3!

And shouga started counting while khalid went to look for a place to hide..

He headed towards the seashore but thought that it would be too easy for her to find him, so he decided to go to the other side..

Khalid *thinking*: hmm where should I hide??.. (he got near a basketball field).. naah that’s too obvious and easy!.. shit! Shkither bagy?? Ana wallah makhith ra7ty!.. khan andi3is hni o bs (it was a pathway bain the field o 9alat ilbilliard) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You (Final!)

Hey All! *hides face* I guess you can say I'm some-what back, I know its been almost a year but what can I say, life has been busy for me ;p
I missed you all! and since its summer time.. I'll try to get back and start something new and different..
Soo How have u all been?

As I said, I hate leaving things un-done so I wrapped up the short story You, I didn't really know how to end it but its done ;p




“did u have to embarrass me infront of him?” I said looking at Back-up
he just stared at me giving me his puppy eyes look

 “your evil you know that?”
 I patted him and continued my workout around the neighborhood..


I came out of the shower and saw Faith laying down on my bed..

Faith: Heyyy Babyyy (she said as she looked up from the magazine she was holding)

Me: Hiiyaa honeyy (I replied while going to my closet)

Faith: miss me?

Me: of course, how can I not?!

Faith: save ur drama for ur boyfriend ;p

Me: I don’t have one yet.. oh my god What time is it??

Faith: its 6, why whats up?

Me: I have a date at 7 with Trust!

Faith: Trust Whooo??

Me: He’s the guy that helped me out with my car when I had a flat tire yesterday

Faith: oohh so he’s ur prince charming!

Me: haha shut up and come help me choose what to wear

We both spent some time deciding on what dress I should wear.. I settled on a very simple kinda short flowy red dress , not too revealing though..

I let Faith do my hair and make-up,, I check the time and it was 6;45 pm

Me: He’ll be here in 15 minutes.. quick tell me how do I look?

Faith: One word babe, Hotness!

Me: *blushed* thanks to you of course

Faith: we better go down he’ll be here any minute

I grabbed my stuff and we went downstairs and waited in my big living room..

A couple of minutes late my fone vibrated and it was him, I picked up

Me: hey

Trust: Hey, you ready?

Me: yup

Trust: ok I’ll be there in 2 min

Me: I’ll be waiting

End call

Me: he said he’ll be here in 2 mins

Faith: great, come on lets go wait for him outside

We went outside and walked thru the garden as I saw a car approaching, I knew it was him..

Faith: Damn he’s hot

Me: *sigh* I know

He stopped at the gate and saw us walking towards him, he came down and approached us, he held a flower bouquet in his hand

Trust: That is for the beautiful lady

Me: Aww that’s so sweet thank you.. oh and that’s faith my friend

Trust: nice to meet you

Faith: Likewise

Trust: Shall we? (as he gestured with one hand towards the car)

Me: Yes,, we shall..

Faith: Have fun

Me: Thanks babe, ill c ya later

Faith: bbye (and she Headed back into my house, she’s like my sister so she’s practically livin there)

I got in the car and we drove until to wat seemed like 15 minutes

Me: Why wont u tell me where we’re going?

Trust: I told u, it’s a surprise..

Me: But I don’t really like surprises

Trust: Trust me you’ll love it

2 minutes and we came to a stop in a very quiet parking lot

Me: where r we exactly?

Trust: we’re here! ;D

He got down and came to my side, opened my door and reached out his hand.. I hesitantly placed mine into his as he pulled me out gently

Trust: Come on its this way (He didn’t let go of my hand and I didn’t him to either)

Me: Trust r u kidnapping me or something?

He stopped midway, turned and looked sharply into my eyes

Trust: Are you scared from me?

Me: Should I be? (I answered a bit trembling)

Trust: Look into my eyes and answer me

I stared into his eyes and I simply found myself drowning in them, he had magical hypnotizing eyes, and I don’t know how but I felt home.. like a child being finally reunited with his favorite teddy bear

Me: I trust you

He bent down a little and got really close to my face I could feel his body heat radiating on my skin, he came closer to my ear and whispered..

Trust: Good

He sent chills up ad down my spine, he pulled away and smiled and we continued walking as he led the way..

We went around a corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Trust: Soo what do you think?

Me: Oh my god why didn’t u tell me u were taking me to a theme park?!

Trust: And ruin the surprise?

Me: How did u know I love theme parks? (I asked excited)

Trust: Just a wild guess (Smirk)

Me: But im wearing  a dress ;(

Trust: Don’t worry no one will be around, its just us! ;)

Me: we have the park all to ourselves?;o

Trust: yup, come on lets not waste time and go in already

We went in and we had a BLAST! I couldnt remember the last time I had that much fun since I was 5 !

After trying almost every game in the park, we decided that it was getting late and time to go bk, on our way out of the park..

Trust: Oh look!

Me: What? Where?!

Trust: look at that booth over there!

Me: r u talking abt the one that says “Kissing booth” (I gave him a teasing look)

Trust: We did say we have to try everything, I guess that’s the only one left *Smirk*

Me: (I Went along with his game) Oh then I guess we have to go there and try it

Without wasting any more time he took my hand and walked all the way to the kissing booth.. 

We got to the booth and I just stood there not knowing what should happen or it should and a million thoughts were racing through my mind.. 

I didn’t know If wat was going to happen is right or wrong? 

How did I find myself with a man I don’t even know? 

Spent my time completely alone with him? 

Wat does this mean? 

He cut my trail of thoughts as I felt his index finger touch my chin..

Trust: Hope.. (He whispered, I guess he must’ve sensed my discomfort)

Me: *I looked up and met his gaze* Hmm..

That was all I was able to let out.. I don’t know how he has that effect on me!

Trust: We don’t have to if you don’t want to..

Without saying anything I leaned in slowly and he understood what I wanted so he responded by leaning in towards me until we got inches apart,,

 I whispered “I do..” that was when his lips met mine before I even finished the sentence,

our lips moved like they were in sync with each other, 

I got lost into a whole different world, 

I reached both my hands behind his neck to support me frm falling as he had one of his hand grazed into my hair while the other supporting my lower back.. 

He pulled me in closer and we kept on kissing to what seemed like forever..
We only parted cuz we both needed to breathe in some air,  

I instantly looked down feeling a bit embarrassed and I didn’t want him to see my now flushed face so I burring it into his chest and hugged him.. 
He held me tight and whispered..

Trust: Come on, lets go bk (he said as he kissed the crown of my head)

I simply nodded, held his hand and walked back to his car…

We got to my house and I turned to look at him..

Me: Thank you for tonight, I really had fun (I said smiling)

Trust: Anytime

Me: Goodnight (I said as I left his car)

Trust: Sweet dreams

I got into my house and I found Faith already asleep in the guest room, I didn’t want to wake her up and so I went into my room and got into my PJ’s and into my bed..

I closed my eyes.. and this is when I drifted into the other side of the world..

Flashback into the dream

I Started to run as fast as my feet can go..
As far as I can reach..
As far away as I can hope..
As far away until I'm sure that I'm safe again..
Until I can be able to catch my breath again.
Until I am absolutely and positively sure that Im not being chased, yes and I literally mean chased by..
yes, him.
I wont stop running until he is not following me anymore..

Why was Trust chasing me?! 

And Why was I so terrifyingly running away from him?!

I couldn’t understand what was happening until I tripped over something and fell into the ground..

I was wounded and couldn’t help myself get up, I turned and saw him approaching me,, he got closer and I was terrified because his face had a deadly expression..

He came closer, and I hugged my knees and buried my face wishing that he’s just go away!


I looked up startled my his question, he knelt down next me and that’s when it hit me that the expression he had earlier was a worried one, not a scary one!

It was so stupid of me to have doubted him, to have doubted his intentions towards me..

I woke up startled from my phone’s ring tone..

I picked it up and smiled, because I knew deep down, that when you hope for something, all you gotta do is trust that it is finally here when the perfect opportunity comes along your way

Me: Hey, I was just dreaming about you

The End…

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You (part 3)

Hi all;*

I know its been a while since I posted another part of the story
honestly i've been busy lately and not motivated enough to continue
but i hate leaving anything un done
so inshallah my aim is to finish this story
just a few more posts

pleeaasee prettyy pleeasee with glitter sprinkled (ba3ad kashakht'ha ;p) leave a comment below xD




I got inside the house, grabbed a banana from the kitchen and ate it on my way to my bedroom, got into my pj’s and cuddled into my bed..


The alarm went off..

Ahh not now please!

I reached over and hit the snooze button

There, 5 more minutes wont hurt

Great and now I don’t feel sleepy anymore -_-

I sat up straight on my bed, rubbed my eyes, and turned right to look at my window..

I wonder if today would be a good day to jog..

I got off the bed, went to the window, and opened the curtains to the sides

Suddenly! out of no where! a body fell hanging in front of me bleeding all over!!!;O

I’m a bad liar aren’t I? .. But hey, it could happen…

The weather actually seemed perfect, slightly sunny but with cool wind,, atlast summer is fading!

I went to the bathroom, did my business, then headed to my dressing room and picked out my Nike shorts and shirt, tied my hair in a cute ponytail, grabbed my ipod and went downstairs to get something to eat..

Yumm I can already smell the scent of the cupcakes from the kitchen, no doubt its all my favorite maid, Honey’s doing..
I went into the kitchen and sat on the stool facing her..

“Good morning Honey!” I greeted her..

“Aah Good morning Hope.. ” she replied smiling..

“somebody’s in looove..” I said teasingly..

“oh no no I’m too old for that..”

“naah.. I’m sure someday you’ll meet your prince.. everyone does.. eventually”

“You watch too much fairytales hope.. so, what do u want for breakfast?”

“hmm I don’t feel like eating much im going for a jog,, I’ll just have a banana and a glass of milk..”

“ok.. the weather looks lovely today..”

“mhmm..” I replied while eating my banana

“The cupcakes will be ready when you get back..”

“Great! I’ll bet they taste good!”

I drank my milk and thanked honey on my way out of the kitchen..

I went and to get my rottweiler dog, Back-up, to tie him up and take him with me,

As I walked to the garden, he came happily towards me, he just loves it when I take him for a walk, I got him tied up, had my earphones on, hit the shuffle button on my playlist, and went out the fence and into the neighborhood where we started walking.. (Their neighborhood is similar to the one in Desperate Housewives)

My phone vibrated..

Faith Calling..

Me: hey you

Faith: hey urself.. what r u up to?

Me: nothing just taking a walk with Back-up

Faith: ok text me when ur done im coming over

Me: ok bye

End call..

I continued my walk with back-up and said hello to our neighbors as we passed by..

Then out of nowhere a cat was crossing the street and back-up caught me off guard, my hands slipped from his leash and he sprinted towards the poor cat!

“BACK-UP STOP!” I Screamed as I ran to stop him before something terrible happens.

I then saw the cat run into one of the fences which was impossible for Back-up to enter. Thank god!

He was just standing there barking

I got to him and held his leash

The house looks something like this..

“I’m guessing that dog is yours?” a voice came from the house I was standing next to..

I turned and to me utter surprise it was Trust holding the cat in his arms while standing in his front porch.

oh how much I envied the cat, for some reason I felt like i wanted to be the only one he holds.

“Oh hey… yup he’s mine alright”

“Becareful not to lose control of the leash next time, he almost ate my cat” he said as a giggle escaped his lips

“Yeah um sorry about that, will do, wont happen again” ;$

“I’ll see you tonight then..” He said

“yupp tonight” I smiled at him

He waved and went inside his house..

“did u have to embarrass me infront of him?” I said looking at Back-up

he just stared at me giving me his puppy eyes look

“your evil you know that?”

I patted him and continued my workout around the neighborhood..